Materials and Corrosion

A thorough knowledge of material technology as well as the proper material selection are determining the manufacturing process, effectiveness and durability of a product, but also market leadership. 
Here CHEMAK Ltd. delivers specialised and competent assistance in the selection and protection of materials.
We deliver know-how on processes and procedures for the treatment and finishing of material surfaces, such as

  • Pickling,
  • Chemical Polishing,
  • Phosphating (Zn, Ca, Mn, Fe),
  • Hot Dip Tinning / Hot Dip Galvanizing,
  • Electroplating etc.

including work recipes up to the entire process lay-out. 
CHEMAK Ltd. offers consultancy in corrosion protection, such as the corrosion inhibition by anodic and cathodic measures (i.e. corrosion inhibitors, sacrificial anodes, impressed protective current, etc.) as well as the protection of materials by means of vapour phase inhibitors and organic coatings.
We deliver our recommendations for the prevention of material failures, and in case of material failure or damage CHEMAK Ltd. will analyse and prepare the appraisal of damage.