Management and Special Services

Besides the consultation activities by experts, CHEMAK Ltd. offers interim management for small and medium enterprises for short (1 – 2 months) or longer transition periods (1 – 2 years). Our clients can get specific “tailor-made” offers. Quotations will be made in consideration of the following points:

  • Place / Country,
  • Duration, and
  • Additional Benefits offered by the Client.

CHEMAK Ltd. also takes over the project management in the areas of

  • Environmental Monitoring & Evaluation,
  • Laboratory Installation, Supervision & Quality Control,
  • Protection of Information & Know-How, Patent Applications, and
  • Risk Evaluation & Safety Measures (Industrial Plants & Processes).

The establishment of new laboratories with furniture and equipment as well the recommendation of suitable analysis techniques and methods (procedures and devices) are part of the special services of CHEMAK Ltd..

We also assist our clients in the search for certain raw materials and the procurement procedures.

If you are seeking protection of your products or processes, CHEMAK Ltd. will carry out the necessary patent searches, patent evaluations and takes over the elaboration of your patent claims.

The most important capital of an enterprise is the quality of its staff: CHEMAK Ltd. supports companies in their personnel search and personnel selection (advertising & interviewing), training and education, employees’ qualification processes and management training.
Inform us about your requirements, and ask for an offer from CHEMAK Ltd..